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Metaphysical Store™ is the esoteric online store for modern witches. Find out the most beautiful healing crystal jewelry, dowsing pendulums, wiccan necklaces and other mystical supplies to elevate your spirituality by adding a touch of magic to your daily life.

what is a metaphysical store?

Metaphysical stores offer the most diverse articles corresponding to multiple spiritualities, knowledge or religions, for the most varied uses, from aids to meditation to indispensable tools for magical rituals, invocations, shamanic rites and other acts of witches...

Metaphysical stores offer an array of dowsing pendulums, magical powders and oils, candles, incenses that serve as catalysts to the higher spheres, parchments, talismans, jewelry, white sage... and an incalculable number of books, grimoires and journals that correspond to the different esoteric knowledge.

metaphysical store near me

Are you looking for a metaphysical store? Wherever you are, we deliver the best metaphysical products with free worldwide shipping. Metaphysical Store™ is the first online metaphysical store trusted by more than 100 000 satisfied customers all around the world.

spiritual store

Metaphysical Store™ accompanies you in your daily spiritual growth. You will find on our spiritual shop many items to accompany you in the discovery of your inner self. This quest for self-discovery being above all entirely personal and flexible, this is why our esoteric store offers you more than a thousand references of spiritual items, whether you are interested in dowsing, lithotherapy, or meditation.


Positive energies

New age shop

The new age refers to the esoteric practices that emerged in the West in the 1970s. This current is strongly linked to occultism. In this sense, the new age stores offer many occult accessories of all kinds: divinatory pendulums, divining rods and other protective talismans. Find a large choice of new age articles on our online store.

Online crystals shops

In addition to offering you the best esoteric items such as dowsing pendulums and other crystal balls, we also offer you a wide selection of jewelry made of natural stones.

They have the particularity to be recognized in lithotherapy for their numerous benefits on the body and the spirit. Choose the amethyst stone to reduce your anxiety thanks to its soft and soothing energy, purify your chackras with the help of the clear quartz stone to restore your energy balance and raise your vibration.

We also offer you natural quartz points, quartz cluster, quartz pyramid and quartz touchstone, that will help you meditate daily and strengthen your auric field. A simple and effective way to increase your well-being.

Witchcraft store

A witchcraft store lists all the items needed to practice magic. Sage sticks, cauldrons, crystal balls or even grimoires, this is the place to be for your magical supplies.

If you are looking for spiritual objects and other healing crystals? You've come to the right place to find all the magical products you need on a daily basis to boost your energies and awaken your inner magic.

We personally select each product with care and intention, working closely with artisans around the world to bring you the best esoteric items at low prices. So you can be sure to find everything you need for your daily rituals in our online esoteric store.